Students are expected to observe decorum and show courtesy, consideration and respect for others and do nothing that will bring the School’s name into disrepute. This basic expectation is not affected by the Rules of Conduct which may not necessarily cover every eventuality.

Rules of conduct apply to all students from the time they leave home for school till they have returned home while taking part in any activity organized by or related to the school.

Bullying of any kind, overt display of affection, theft, borrowing without permission of the owner and improper handling of the property of others, is against the school policy.

The dates for payment of fees for the two installments are as follows:

1st Installment 2nd Installment

Parents are requested to strictly follow the payment schedule failing which appropriate action may be taken.

Admission fees to be paid only by new entrants and students promoted from Sr. Kg. to Std. I and Std IV to Std V

In case of withdrawal of admission, 3 months notice is to be given otherwise 3 months fees are to be paid.

A pay -in slip will have to be collected from the school office and it will have 3 copies; bank copy, parent copy and school copy. After the payment of fees the school copy must be submitted by the parent in the school office.

a) Please ensure that the pay-in-slp is properly filled in.

b) Fees must be paid directly in the bank only. In case of cheque payment, the cheque should be drawn in favour of ‘Saraswati Mandir Education Society’s CBSE School’. The name of the child, Standard, Division, contact number AND Bank A/c No. should be written on the reverse of the cheques.

Fees once paid will not be refunded.

All students must be clean and neatly dressed in their school uniform.

Students should bring the school diary, required text books, notepads and other school related material every day. Students will not be permitted to borrow or call for the same during school hours.

Books and other belongings should be neatly labeled with the Name, Standard, Division and Roll No. of the student.

Students must take care of their own belongings. The school will not be responsible to the loss of any valuables or other articles belonging to the students.

No books (other than text books, note books or library books), magazines or papers non-relevant to the school may be brought to school.

Students should converse only in English both in and outside class.

No student will be permitted to leave school during school hours (including recess) expect in case of an emergency or illness, and with the written permission of the Principal.

Students will not be exempted from Physical Education or other activities without the permission of the Principal. Exemption will not be granted unless there is a valid reason. If exemption by the parent.

Students are not permitted to celebrate their birthdays in school except distribution of confectionary and other like items in their respective class. However care should be taken to ensure that wrappers are not strewn around in the school premises. Students up to Std 4 are permitted to wear a dress of their choice on their birthdays.

Utmost care must be taken of all school property. Willful damage to desks/chairs/lockers/others school furniture and equipment, writing or drawing on the walls or damage to articles belonging to the school or others will invite punitive measures. Students who notice any damage to school property, within or outside the school are expected to report the same to the school office at the earliest.

Missing school/class/training and disruptive behavior in the Class, Library, School Ground, Bus will invite punitive measures.

Chewing gum and similar items are strictly forbidden.

The school reserves the right to dismiss students whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, insubordination, contempt of authority or willful damage to property is always a sufficient reason for immediate dismissal.

Irregular attendance, continued neglect of studies, disobedience, indiscipline, malpractice and immoral behaviour justify dismissal. The decision of the Principal shall be binding on all concerned.

Students who are likely to return home late from school on any particular day must inform their parents in advance.

Students are advised and should be instructed by their parents not to buy food items and drinks from the street vendors. The school reserves the right to make changes in the school rules as and when required. Changes will be communicated to students and parents.

Regular attendance is compulsory, 95% attendance is a norm. Exemption will be considered only for genuine medical or other reasons.

A student who is late or has been absent on the previous day without leave having been sanctioned must obtain the permission of the Class Teacher/Supervisor before attending class.

Leaves of absence expect in the class of unforeseen illness or emergency requires prior sanction of the school authorities. For absence due to illness :

For 1 day leave – parents may fill in the school diary.

2 days more – an application in writing along with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be submitted.

A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should submit a doctor’s fitness certificate.

Student must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class: Chicken Pox : 21 days, Measles : 21 days, Mumps : 21 days.

Leave of absence during a test/examination is not permitted except for a genuine medical reason. A sick child will not be permitted to answer a test.

However absence at test/examinations on account of participation in sports/co curricular activities and representing the school or participating at the District, State and National levels will be considered.

Attendance at official school functions such as Sports Day, Annual Day, celebration such as Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. is compulsory.

Attendance on the first and last day of all vacations is compulsory. Request for leave before the last day of the vacation or extension of the vacation after the commencement of the school, will be entertained only in case of emergency.

Absence on account of participation in any public show or competition during school working days requires prior permission of the Principal.

Absence from school prior to a test (and on Saturdays that are marked as School working days) will adversely affect the student’s performance.

Please note that a written communication from the parent/guardian stating that his/her ward will remain absent from the school will not suffice. Grant of leave is the prerogative of the school and permission must be obtained.

Repeated absence renders the student liable for dismissal.

Contravention of these Rules will be regarded as a serious breach of discipline and may result in the student’s name being struck of the rolls.

A written notice of withdrawal must be given 3 months in advance before the due date for payment of term fees.

Students leaving the school during the term will not be entitled to any refund.

A leaving certificate will not be issued until all dues have been paid in full, all Library books and other school material returned and damage to school property, if any, is reimbursed.

An application for the school leaving certificate will be accepted only during school working hours. The school leaving certificate will be issued after 7 days subject to conditions mentioned above.

A duplicate certificate will not be issued except in circumstances and subject to conditions as may be imposed. Application for certificate (leaving, bonafide and attestation of mark sheet) must be submitted in the school office and should be collected after 10 days.